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iOS 14 Update

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Simple steps to understand your device

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Taking the stress out of Emails

Just first in the email how to range

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TIK Tok users view on . Apple devices

Some people get frustrated with Tik Tok as believe its a distraction but not us. We are embracing TikTok, prioritising the videos of people we follow and moderate every video we upload on the website in an attempt to make understanding Apple products fun, more interesting and most importantly safe.

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A free online assessment can guide your tutor to any underlying issues that may require attention. These can include being overwhelmed by all the new technology that surrounds them or fear of the unknow.

Qualified lecturer -DBS checked have worked with Apple  and their products since the very first iPad was launched.


Assisted Longfield Academy in becoming the first school in the UK to provide 1,400 pupils with Apple’s tablet device with iPads along with developing one of the first hospitality curriculum using iPads as a toolfor education


Provided online and face to face training, to build the skills and confidence of educators, students and families  in using Apple technology inside and outside the classroom.

We provided training and support to educators across the UK and Ireland, to explore the potential of Apple technology to enhance teaching and learning.


We have simplified learning. From the comfort of your own home, we can help you overcome some of  your frustrations and maybe help you become a power user! At the very least we can help you to feel comfortable getting your mail, surfing the web and making calls. Basic users and power users will both find this personalized service helpful.

We aim to take the fear out of using the tech you work with every day!


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They asked me for BABY STEPS so they could understand. Baby Steps the act that makes a very small amount of progress toward achieving something.