We Can Help You

If you need some help learning how it all works, we can assist. We can help with queries about email, social media, browsing the internet, managing files on your computer, and more.

For most queries, you will need your Apple ID and password for iPhones and iPads, or your Google Gmail address and password for Android smartphones and tablets.


Chat support

Live chat how to support allows you  to have text-based conversations with support teams via the web.



Ask a question and get an answer to your question from a verified Expert with a wealth of knowledge.


Home Visit

Talk to us, explain your needs and discuss how you want to learn. Schedule a home at an agreed time.


Remote Support

We can offer an effective, easy-to-use video chat or remote how to support for all our clients.


How to Style

It can be useful to recognise your preferred style of learning, as this can help you think about how you might we can help you effectively. However, you shouldn’t feel restricted by the categories given. Your approach to learning may change as you we work with you, and many of us use different styles depending on the problem or task at hand.


Visual Learner

Visual learners relate best to written information, notes, diagrams, and pictures. You do not work well with someone just telling you information. You work better when you can write the information down!

Auditory learners

As an auditory learner, you relate best to the spoken word. You would rather listen to a trainer, then take notes afterward . Written information means little to you until it has been heard.

Kinesthetic / Tactile Learners

Kinesthetic / Tactile Learners prefer a hands-on approach, learning through touch and movement. You learn skills by imitation and practice.