Email doesn’t always work as they should – When you purchase a new device and everything is working but you haven’t set up your email or you’re trying to but it’s failing to do what you expect it todo. This can bring up feelings of frustration or anxiety, but don’t worry it’s quite normal.

What its all about?

Email is used for many different purposes, including contacting friends, contacting a business, requesting/sending information, and even applying for jobs.


Most phones and tablets are set up with popular email providers ready to use.

If you need help, this step will help you with popular email providers.

How do I set it up?

This step is designed to assist with accessing emails on a variety of email clients. The first step in setting up your emails will always be the same:
 Make sure you know the correct email settings  Password for your account. 

Top tips

Your email account may contain sensitive and important communication and is often connected to important accounts so this step is important as it will keep you safe.